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Washing machine care made easy in 4 steps

Harry Winston said “People will stare, make it worth their while” about clothing. Now, buying clothes is the easy part, maintaining them requires skill and your washing machine plays a big part in that. Washing machine care doesnt need to be a herculean task, here are four steps to make your washing machine last longer.

1. Do not fill it up too much

washing machine care, Helpr
To make a washing machine last longer you must not overload the device with excess clothing. Overloading damages both your clothes and machine.

  1. How does overloading damage my clothes? Rubbing together of cottons causes linting. The more rubbing together the more linting and the shorter the life of the garment.
  2. Compare overloading your washer to pulling a loaded trailer behind your family car all the time. Extra strain on the motor, transmission and suspension will most certainly shorten the life of your car. Oh, did I say your washer also has a motor, transmission and suspension?

2. Use correct detergent and Oh, go easy on them.

washing machine care, Helpr
Choose a good detergent and use only the specified amount each time. Too much detergent is not gonna remove those hard stains so no point in adding multiple scoops of washing powder Nirma. Too much detergent will cause the wash water to spill over the washer tub ring and get into the drive motor. Apply the same steps when using the softener.

3. Prevent mineral buildup.

washing machine care, Helpr

Minerals in your water can collect in your washer’s hoses, inlet valves, and pump, especially if you have hard water. These minerals restrict water flow and increase friction, which can shorten the life of your washer. To prevent the buildup, fill the basket with cold water and add 250 millilitres (one cup) of vinegar. Then put your washer through a complete cycle. Do this once in 3 months.

4. Leave the door open after every wash.

washing machine care, Helpr
After every wash, leave the door of the machine open, in order to let in air and prevent germs from breeding. You can also give the rubber gasket a quick wipe down, to prevent any unpleasant smells from developing.


By improving the efficiency of your washing machine, you not only save on cash(by improving power-consumption etc.) but also gains a unit that helps wash your clothes better. Washing machine care should be your first priority as far as maintaining clothes are concerned, if the machine isn’t taken care off, it ain’t gonna take care of your clothes.

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