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Steps to fix burned electric wiring


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Sometimes, it may happen that you are about to replace the light fixture on the ceiling when you find that the wiring insulation has burnt and cracked off. Usually, this happens because the bulb in the fixture has exceeded the fixture’s wattage rating. In other words, all the extra heat charred the insulation. In such cases, typically the insulation outside of the ceiling box would be okay. But the damaged insulation with the box is something that you will have to repair- and it’s not as easy as wrapping the wires with electrical tape- such a strategy wouldn’t be a long term solution.

Here, the right steps to fix the problem are mentioned. But before we get into it, you should know about the things that you will need to pull this off. The good news is that you need only a very limited number of things. For tools, all you need are a wire stripper/cutter and a lighter. Other things that would be required are the 12 gauge electrical wire and a heat shrinkable tubing.

Once you have the necessary items, you are ready to start with the fix. Here are the steps:

Get new wire insulation


To begin with, peel off the outer jacket of the nonmetallic cable. Then, proceed to strip off around 8 inches of the insulation from the black and white wires.

Reinsulate the old wires


Remove as much of the old insulation as is possible. Once you have done that, straighten out the older wire. Then, it’s time to slide on the new insulation- make sure that the white goes on the neutral and the black on the hot wire. Holding the insulation in place, slide on a very short piece of tubing. As mentioned in the list of inventories, this should be heat shrinkable tubing.

Shrink the tubing


To shrink the tubing, wave a lighter flame under the heat shrinkable tubing. Keep the flame moving in such a manner that the heat does shrink the tuning without burning anything. Not exactly a precision manoeuvre but still you ought to be attentive while doing it.

Now that you have followed the three steps, you can go ahead and connect the new fixture. You don’t have to worry about the old wires shorting. However, you should be sure that when you are choosing the bulbs, you are following the wattage maximum of the fixture.


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