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Smart ways to get the most of your Home Appliances

“Home is where our heart is “
We look for the best when it comes to our house. It may be the paints or the furniture or the flooring and majorly the electrical appliances that we use every day.

Home appliances are definitely costlier and most of us buy them on EMIs spanning for a few years. We all hope for a hassle free living and whenever an electrical appliance is not functioning properly, it is a frustrating experience for everyone in the family. You need to search for appliance repair or appliance service center every time there is a fault in the appliance.

There are smart ways that you can follow to make the most of your electrical appliances. This can keep appliance repair worries away.  Here goes four important pointers recommended by the Helpr experts.

Instruction Manual – Get to know your appliances better
We understand the instruction manuals are boring and long. But the manufacturers include a lot of tips and best practices for each appliance in the manual. Getting to understand them and acting accordingly naturally increases the lifespan of the appliance. Most of the manuals are also online and can be downloaded from the brand’s website so that you can know more at your convenient time.

Periodic Cleaning
Periodic cleaning of the appliances in a detailed way can make sure the appliances stay out of trouble due to dust. It has to be a seasonal routine at home and it can definitely help maintain the appliances in good shape. Some of the basic appliance service situations arise because it’s not periodically cleaned. When the appliance repair professionals work on fixing the product, they will first clean it and then check if it’s working.
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Minimizing Appliance Use
If you are looking to avoid appliance repair regularly, it is recommended to use the appliances minimally. It takes a bit of planning or scheduling. Using washing machine once in a week or twice a week depending on the load is a good practice. Washing machines also perform better when it’s a full load. Instead of opening the refrigerator now and then to fetch something for cooking, you can plan and take everything you need and keep everything inside when you are done. For anything that is mechanical, more use means more wear and tear.

Appliance Specific Care
Each appliance has its own recommended conditions under which it has to be operated to prevent it from going faulty. Keep refrigerators away from sunlight. Always go for appliances which have decent energy ratings to save on the electricity used. Remove the filters from the air conditioners and the dryers and clean them periodically. The care for appliances has to be a family affair so that everyone uses the appliances the way it has to be used. Kids should not stand on the appliances or the doors of the appliances even though they are little.

Maintenance Checks and Service Checks
Make note of the free maintenance checks and reach out to the authorized service centers beforehand to ensure it happens on time. Based on your usage, they might provide custom tips for a better experience.

Home Appliances Repair Expert

Apart from the checks from the manufacturer, you can make it a practice to check the appliances if its sailing smooth and reach out to appliance service centers in case of any issues without any delay.

By following the above five smart pointers by Helpr, you can definitely bring down the frequency of appliance repair at your home. If you require a professional support in doing them, search no more. Our home appliances service team is just a call away and they will fix it like a charm.