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The first step for Rat Control is Sanitation, Inspection and Exclusion.

In rat control, inspection is a vital first step in disposing of rats. As soon as you know the area of the rats, you may set traps or bait.

Exclusion is a critical rodent control technique. It will eliminate the rats by means of making it hard for them to enter the house or shape. Rats are less complicated to exclude than mice due to the fact that rats a usually large. Mice can enter through an opening as small as 3/8″ wide.

For rats, all openings greater that 1/2″ need to be sealed.

The second Step for Rat Control is Trapping or Baiting

Rodent Control_Helpr
Rodent Control_Helpr

The most effective strategies to eliminate rats is trapping them and putting rodent baits.

Lowering Rat Populations by way of Trapping

Trapping does have some advantage over baiting. It gives an opportunity for folks that do not need to use rodenticides.

If the rat population is small sufficient trapping can yield quick results while done properly.

Ultimately, trapping ensures that you may dispose of the dead rats before their smell will become a hassle in an inaccessible vicinity.

Cast off Rats With Rodent Bait

For protection towards unintentional poisoning, use tamper-resistant bait stations that keep the baits in place and hold children and pets out.

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