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Play safe with electricity this monsoon season

The monsoon has begun and there is plenty of natural beauty for you to play with. Listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain and tease your olfactory lobes with the petrichor. Now, you can’t enjoy these things if you keep worrying about the electrical problems this monsoon. Here are few tips and tricks to combat electrical issues this monsoon.

1)Upgrade Older Equipment but don’t fear the monsoon

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With monsoon comes the dampness which is good for the flora but not your electrical appliances. Watch out for visible molds and fungus and do clean them regularly with a clean dry cloth. Avoid using electrical appliances in wet places. A cord carrying too much current can overheat,never overload an outlet by plugging in or using too many appliances at one time. Professional electricians make sure all your electrical system meet all the required safety, by replacing old outlets at the required locations, or by installing circuit breakers in your home’s main electrical panel, you can protect the areas of your home that need it. If you must use a multiple-outlet power strip, use one with a built-in circuit breaker for overload protection.

2)All it takes is common sense not concerning to drain out – which doesn’t imply 120 volts is not dangerous

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Practice Electrical Safety, shut the power off on any circuit that your working on during rains.You don’t want to face an electrical shock while pulling the plug therefore pulling on the cord can break or fray the wires inside. Frayed cords can cause a short circuit or fire hazard consequently thet should be repaired or replaced.
Running appliance or fixture cords under a carpet is also very dangerous and can result to an outbreak of fire.

3)Make those lights shine like the Sun.

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After or Before any electrical work is done in a home, it needs to be inspected. Inspection such as how the fixtures or switches are wired, and the neatness of the wiring that indicate whether the work meets safety standards or not. An inspector will also look closely at junction boxes(fuse boxes) especially at the main electrical panel. Ensuring that everything is properly grounded. If any violations or troubles are identified, no matter how small, they must be repaired before an inspector will approve your electrical system.

4)Ride the smooth road on your own

electrical services & repairs helpr
  Use wooden ladders and footwear whenever undertaking repairs providing a barrier in case nothing can be avoided.
  These simple hacks provided here, could make a huge difference in keeping yourself safe but then there are instances when you need professional help for servicing and inspecting electrical supplies, after leaving the home uninhabited for a long time or maybe because you simply don’t have the time to procure and perform the task by yourself after a long tiring day. If that is the case, you can always avail Electrical services from Helpr.