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5 simple ways to make your fridge more efficient

It’s said that before the invention of the refrigerator, ice-houses were provided where you could keep your stuff. What this means is not just that you won’t be able to satisfy your midnight ice-cream fetish but also that you’ll have to lug all the veggie purchase to the place after a visit to the grocer’s, not to mention the trouble of having to go there to get the veggies out when you have to cook(Or in the middle of it, for that matter. “Oh, wait, I forgot the carrot!”).
Makes one think how useful a thing the refrigerator actually is. It’s always in the home, even making its presence known with a low but steady hum but still, we have come to take it for granted. But doing some simple things could help make the fridge even better, and sometimes directly or not, these measures could lead to saving money. In other words, you’ll do well to take note, and take care of the fridge!

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1. Vacuum behind the fridge

Though the world runs on the principle that people work to make a living(at least, most of them), the curious fact is that we keep trying our level best to get by with the minimal possible exertion.This is exactly why we rarely think of pulling the fridge away from the wall and vacuuming the space behind it. However, doing so regularly could bring a lot of difference to the way your fridge functions in the long run.
The amount of dust and dirt that collects behind the refrigerator can be..ehm…commendable. And that volume can be even higher if there are pets in the house. This eventually collects on the condenser coils. If you help keep it clean, the heat generated by the fridge could be carried away more easily-facing lesser resistance from the accumulated dirt etc.

2. Fill the empty spaces with water bottles and jugs

Two-thirds of the earth is filled with water. And there’s plenty of use with the element too. When it comes to our point, it’s not the oceanic water that’s of use, of course. It’s the drinkable water which you can fill in your soda bottles,empty juice containers etc. and which you can put in the empty spaces of the refrigerator. For the water can help keep things cold inside the fridge so that the unit wouldn’t have to work so hard.

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3. Check if the door seal is losing air

Though the manufacturing processes for fridge etc. have advanced since the ‘cooling boxes’ came into being, it doesn’t mean that the parts of the appliance are all now made to last forever. Especially true with the door seal which loses traction as the fridge door is something that naturally gets opened and closed a lot.
You can use a thin paper piece to check if the door seal is losing air. Hold the paper next to the closed fridge door. If the paper flutters, it means that the unit is losing air. It also means that you will have to replace the seal. The refrigerator seal isn’t expensive and the replacement process is relatively simple as well. So, no reason to keep postponing the replacement!



4. Cover the food in the fridge

Most of the foods that are kept in a refrigerator contain moisture. These foods, if they are left uncovered will leach moisture into the air inside the fridge. This means that the fridge’s compressor will have to work twice as hard so that it can remove all the extra moisture. And of course, there’s the matter of the smells of foods mixing up, thereby having a carrot that smells like an avocado or something.

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5. Allow the food to be cooled before you put it away

The entire idea of the fridge is to.. well, keep edible items refrigerated or well-cooled so that they won’t spoil easily. Going by this logic it makes sense to put hot food in the fridge since the entire idea of the fridge is to cool food down and keep it that way. And the logic sounds extremely solid on nights when you just made some food for the morning and you’re feeling super-sleepy making staying awake till it’s cool a moot point. But hot food in the refrigerator will make the unit work extra-hard, possibly increasing energy consumption and definitely reducing its efficiency. The ideal thing is to let the hot food sit for a long time for it to cool before putting it away in the fridge.

There are certain things that are guaranteed to make you happy-like a holiday or learning that you got bitten by a spider which has now given you the power to fly(by slinging the web, of course). Maybe not as fantabulous as any of that, but one simple pleasure which contributes to our happiness is eating good food. And the way the raw materials or the food itself is refrigerated plays a role in defining the taste of the food when you consume it. By improving the efficiency of your fridge, you not only save on cash(by improving power-consumption etc.) but also gains a unit that helps refrigerate food better. And since what we eat is what we are, that’s a significant yet overlooked factor.

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