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Helpr wins Best Startup Award!

CMA Award Helpr
What came as a shot in the arm is the latest accolade we earned- an award for the Best Startup of 2015. The award comes from the prestigious Coimbatore Management Association(CMA)- a 70 year old organization that has been promoting best management practices in business and industry since inception. The CMA is the local chapter of the All India Management Association(AIMA).

The award is given out to the startup that shows robust management and greatest scope for scalability in Coimbatore. Having multiple criteria for choosing the recipient, the main aspects that CMA looks at include originality of the invention, innovation and efficacy of management. The fact that an organization with gravitas like the CMA has found Helpr high on these and other counts is indeed heartening.

The award was received by Vignesh Rangasamy and Rajesh Shankarappan, co-founders of Helpr from Mr.S.Madhavan CEO, Cognizant Foundation at a ceremony held on 22nd of February,2016. This was the inaugural year for the awards given to achievers in multiple domains.