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A few simple precautions to keep your A/C functional for a long time!


Though it could be said that controlling room temperature is what the air conditioner is for , the bottom line is that it’s all about comfort. And for the A/C to bring you the comforts you seek, the unit must not falter. Following these simple instructions will help a lot in keeping the A/C functional for a long time to come:

1. To run or stop the unit, please make use of the Selector Switch. Do not use the main power switch or the auxiliary power switch to operate the unit.

2. Do not stick anything into the air outlet or inlet as this is dangerous and may even cause injury.

3. Avoid exposing your body continuously to cool air for long periods of time as it is detrimental to health.

4. Never pour water on the unit to clean it. Otherwise it’s dangerous and could result in injuries and damages. Also, avoid using solvents or harsh chemicals when cleaning the unit. If you find the air inlet grill and cabinet to be dirty, wipe with lukewarm water(below 40°C).

5. Make sure that there are no obstacles near the air inlet or outlet. If either remains blocked, the unit may get damaged.

6. Avoid turning on /stopping the unit frequently. Frequently turning on or off -more than 4 to 5 times in an hour may damage the unit.

7. Allow at least 3 minutes before restarting the unit or turning it back on after a power failure. If you give it time of less than 3 minutes, it could damage the unit.

8. Do not forget to install the air filter. If the air conditioner is operated without an air filter, the dust won’t be removed from the air, and the resultant accumulation may lead to the unit’s failure.

9. The air filter should be cleaned at least once every two weeks.

10. Prior to cleaning the unit, ensure that the Selector Switch is at the ‘Off’ position after which the power cord must be unplugged.

11. Do not store gasoline or other flammable liquids near the air conditioner. Otherwise, the potential for danger is high.

12. Do not force the controls on the front panel too much as it may damage the controls and the unit itself.

13. Always try to set a comfortable temperature that’s not too low. A very low temperature setting increases the power consumption considerably.

14. Within a room, ensure that you maintain a comfortable temperature. Continuous exposure to direct air flow is not a good idea, especially if it’s an ill person who is in the room.

15. Do not remove the plug by pulling on the power cord. If the cord is damaged, it may cause shock hazard.

So, as mentioned before, it’s comfort that’s the keyword and you can derive all the comfort you want from your A/C, provided you follow these simple precautions. And in case your air conditioner develops any issues or if you face electrical repair issues at home, worry not as help is never far away. All you have to do is get in touch with Helpr.

Happy chilling!