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4 things to know when working with electrical wiring or connections


electrical wiring

We have become as dependent on electricity as we are now on our smartphones. And aside from keeping our handheld devices functioning, electricity also keeps the entire home running. This means that if something is wrong with the electrical connections or wiring, it’s bound to affect the quality of life in your home in a big way-something that could prompt you to gird your loins and get to work yourself, trying to fix things.

So, here are 4 things you should know when you are working with electrical wiring or connections.

1.Check wires and connections with a voltage tester before working on them

electrical wiring helpr

You sometimes get a nice tickly sensation when something or someone taps you on a space above your elbow. But such a nice-some may even use the term ‘cute’ feeling is definitely not what you will get if you get a shock from an electrical wire or connection. So, it’s best to check such wires et all using a voltage tester to make sure that they are dead so that you don’t end up that way. Okay, that’s too morbid. But still, you would do well to follow the advice.

2.If damp conditions exist, use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets


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Dampness is one condition which is conducive to electricity-in more literal a sense than you may think. You can say that dampness is to electricity what spilled blood in the water is to a shark-it makes it more dangerous. Usually, places such as bathrooms and basements are good sources of dampness, so it’s a good idea to use a ground fault circuit interrupter outlets at such places.

3.While working on electrical connections/wires, try to have the fuse off the fuse box



The fuse box. Such a convenient device. Just by plugging in or unplugging a simple fuse, you can control the flow of electricity to the house. One might even express wonder at the simplicity of such an invention. So, you should actually make use of it while working on electrical connections or circuits- by taking the fuse out before starting the work. Not only would it break off the flow of electricity which prevents unwanted accidents, it also prevents the scenario by which someone who doesn’t know you are working on a circuit et all accidentally turns the fuse box on, thereby preventing some more avoidable accidents.

4.Avoid using metal ladders with overhead electricity

metal ladder

Yes, wooden ladders may deteriorate much faster than a metal ladder which is why you brought a ladder of the latter type in  the first place. And though it’s convenient to be used on many occasions- like with a painting project, when you are working with overhead electricity, it’s the last thing you would want to stand on. To do a quick recap of a school lesson which lies buried somewhere deep inside your brain which is so chock-filled with irrelevant information you picked off the net, many metals are excellent conductors of electricity. Meaning, it doesn’t allow necessary insulation in case of an electrical malfunction.  


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