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4 steps to clear your couch of bed bugs

4 steps to clear your couch of bed bugs

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We live in an age when many of the species in the planet are fast receding to extinction( a report says that 2/3rd of the earth’s wild animals would be gone by 2020). So when it’s important that we do our best for conservation efforts it’s also ironic that there are certain living things present maybe not wild animals but annoying and sometimes a danger to health-which we would go out of our way to eliminating from our homes. The  bed bug is one living thing which certainly falls in this category.

So here are 4 steps to eliminate bed bugs from your couch

1.Begin with the furnishings


If you have upholstered chairs etc. then the first thing to do is to remove all the seat cushions. Also from the couch, all the removable cushions ought to be removed. Once the covers are stripped off, wash and then dry them  at the highest setting on your machine. If exposed for 90 minutes or more to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, the bed bugs would die. But bed bug eggs can be more resilient. They can be eliminated only if you expose them to 48 degrees for an hour and a half. If you’re unsure as to how hot the dryer gets, you should run the dryer for a minimum of 90 , minutes. The cushions can be run through the dryer if they fit. Otherwise, they should be set aside for steaming.



Vacuuming alone wouldn’t clear the house of beg begs but it’s still effective as vacuuming can suck up quite a large number of bed bugs and eggs, thus keeping their count low. Also, stuff like shed skins and faecal matter which belonged to the bed bugs would be cleared in the process. Using an attachment is a good idea since it will help you vacuum thoroughly every crack and crevice in the sofa. Pay particular attention to the seams and also the edges and the corners. After vacuuming, the vacuum bag should be placed in a sealed plastic bad and should be disposed immediately.

3.Apply steam


You can opt to get a home steam cleaner that would help you get rid of some of the bed bugs on the couch. Usually, such cleaners would produce steam hot enough to eliminate the bed bugs. In fact, the steam could be hot enough to destroy the eggs. Only, make sure that you don’t get in the way. Also, many of these cleaners come with a warranty, so make sure you get one that comes with that provision.

4. Spray them to death, if bugs still remain,


Unless the infestation is particularly bad, the first three steps should take care of the bugs. But of some of them persist, you can spray them off the couch. Heck, you can spray them off the existence! It takes about two weeks of continual treatment for the eggs to be eliminated if you are using a chemical spray. However, the better option is to use a natural spray since it’s safer for everyone at home. Commercial variants of such natural sprays are easily available.


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