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Moments From Our First Townhall


A few days ago we held our first ever Helpr Townhall, a platform where everyone at Helpr – from our service professionals to our executive team could come together to celebrate and applaud great service. It was an evening filled with moments of great warmth, thoughtful insights and of course great food. When we started Helpr, we realised that the blue-collar home services market in India was highly chaotic and a major part of the reason was the lack of educated, well-trained and professional labor. This also made us realize that not many able and talented people take up such jobs, just because of the negative stigma associated with it. It then dawned upon us that we cannot solve the problem unless the social and perceptual factors were first addressed and thus our vision of “a world where all labor is treated with dignity” was born. For the industry to thrive and to build a talented workforce, we first wanted to change the perception that people had about blue collared workforce, and we started the change with us – we treat all our service professionals (or Helprs as we lovingly call them) as our peers and the town hall is a place where we applaud their commitment to great service, and celebrate the dignity of their hard labor.

The 2 main things that were being ingrained in each and every member in our closely knit team was “Customer is the king” (as always) but “Service is God” and people who provide this service are not less than anything “Divine”.We’ve built the Helpr app in such a way that quality deserves the right appreciation. Every five star review is directly tied to a monetary incentive. But, we felt that just monetary incentives were too mechanical. We thought that a personal touch was required to turn a simple gesture of a thank you into a magnificent act of appreciation. And thus, the Helpr townhall was born. At the end of the day… it’s not just about the company’s bottom line but something more than that!

Let’s see what our real life heroes had to say

Magnificent Murthy – Our 5 Star Rated Plumber
“I’ve been a plumber for over 35 years but never once have I been so proud of the work that I do. I now work with smartphones along with my tools. To me, Helpr is like a family”
Maverick Manohar – Our Bug Hunter
“I was a B2B Pest Control guy, covering only corporates and never even met my clients once. They had no idea who I was and what work I was doing. I was a bit reluctant to do this first but once you see people satisfied with your service and thanking you, it gives me more energy to work even more!”
Galvanizing Gopi – Our Electrical Expert
“I’m an electrician and I’ve only seen IT employees being treated so well. I now got an office for my own, readymade coffee when I want and quality work, salary and appreciation. I really like to fix electrical things and now my interest has increased due to the appreciation and feedback I get everyday.”
Guru the Great – Our Deep Clean Master
“I’m a deep cleaning professional and house cleaning is the most toughest job in the world. People rarely appreciate the effort we put in to keep their places clean. Now, this is my 3rd month with Helpr and I really like the way I can see people understanding us, appreciating us and recognizing us for our hard work. Now me and my team give 200% to our job and make the customer happy, always!
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