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Building Helpr 2.0

We launched Helpr 1.0 almost a year ago and we have had numerous updates to our flagships Apps since then. We launched the first Annual Subscription Product (AMC) in the market, we introduced real-time tracking, again a first in segment and also made numerous tweaks to our Apps over the

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4 simple switches you can make for a greener home

Never before has a time been more crucial than this to make lifestyle changes that will suit the environment. The fact that climate change may come across as something ‘that happens elsewhere’ is something that takes away a natural impulse to do this. Which means that the changes that we

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5 simple tips for a greener home

There are huge advantages in making your home greener(not necessarily by painting it green). For one thing, a more eco-friendly home could also be healthier. Then, there’s the fact that adopting a greener lifestyle could bring in savings as well. Not to mention the positive ramifications of such actions on

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