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Building Helpr 2.0

We launched Helpr 1.0 almost a year ago and we have had numerous updates to our flagships Apps since then. We launched the first Annual Subscription Product (AMC) in the market, we introduced real-time tracking, again a first in segment and also made numerous tweaks to our Apps over the one year journey. Today, Helpr is the top rated App in it’s segment and also not a day goes by without us getting an user review or an email praising the user experience of our Apps. But we knew there is always scope for improvement and we started building Helpr 2.0. Today, as we proudly launch our all new Apps in Google Play and AppStore we wanted to walk you through some of the major changes/decisions we made to improve upon your Helpr experience


A Clean and Bold Design Language



It started with the design language, over the past year there has been a slow but sure shift towards complexity reduction (So long, Flat Design!). Booking a service is a complex process involving a lot of interaction and split second decision making by the user (When do i want this service? How many fans to repair? Am I OK with the price?) and we realised the design had to aid in the decision making. We moved towards a bolder and cleaner design language shifting from regular Lato to bold/heavy Lato with darker shades. In the new design the details pop-out, right from the service names to the rates – it’s all there for you to see without squinting your eyes. We have also redesigned the item detail page so you know the specifics of your service in a glance. Based on our user testing and feedback we could see it has certainly reduced the cart abandons and also improved overall booking experience .


An All New Dashboard



Our Dashboard is where our users discover services, though the one in our previous version was iconic it didn’t scale well as we introduced new services. We also noticed almost everyone in the market had a similar interface now – just an endless list of categories. The goal for our new dashboard was two fold


a. Enabling easy discovery of services
b. Building a scalable way to add new services


And all the above while still coming up with something uniquely Helpr. We solved for both with “Buckets” – a logically grouped view of services. This enabled us to move away from a static list of icons to a more dynamic grouping based on logical connection between services. All handyman services are now grouped together and so are the cleaning and appliance repair services. Services such as Painting, Interior Design etc now have a completely new workflow and are listed under their own bucket. This will not only give a better understanding of the various services we offer but also help introducing new ones with less friction. Buckets will also be personalised for each user based on their booking patterns.


 Quick Search 




If you hate scrolling and swiping, we’ve got you covered – there is an all new search option which will provide results in a snap. You could drill down to the exact service you require (looking for tap repair and don’t know where to look? just go search for it) and directly book from search screen. The team made sure search is always snappy and helps you discover the exact service you need in split seconds.


A New Navigation Bar

People loved inviting friends to Helpr, people wanted to read FAQ’s very often but the previous version of the App had it hidden in a side navigation menu, with 2.0 we are saying goodbye to the sidebar. We now have a minimal navigation bar which takes you from Dashboard to Invite Friends and to your profile screen, all in a tap.


Questions and Quotes



We’ve realised that not all services are booked the same way. For some of our premium services like Painting, Interior Design and Home Security we now have a new booking flow. You could provide us additional details about your requirement through our curated listed of questions and post booking you will also receive quotes directly from our partners on your App. This should help you discover the best service at the right price point also all these services now come with complementary one year maintenance from Helpr, which is an icing on the cake.


Apart from this we also have over two dozen minor tweaks throughout the App. Go ahead and book a service on Helpr 2.0 and stare your feedback with us on


Vignesh Rengasamy
Co-Founder, Head of Product