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7 Reasons Why You Have A Clogged Toilet

Very often most of our homes have clogged toilets, which make it nearly impossible to bear. This is when we call our plumbing technicians to take care of the situation, paying huge amounts of money. But do they educate you about the process of having it functioning again? Do they let you know what are the possibilities of the toilet being clogged? Well most of them don’t.

Here are 7 deadly reasons as to why your toilet clogs

clogged toilet-12

Sewage – Disposal Tank Breakdown – The toilet clog here is due to a major issue that occurs from the septic tank having problems, this truly can be attended to by best plumbing services like our own.

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Choked Pipes – This is one issue that occurs due to the uprooting of trees that rupture the pipe from time to time.

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Water load – Strange but true, if the water levels in the flush tank are not of a significant level, this cause a blockage and eventually a clog.

clogged toilet-15

Excessive Use of the toilet – Many people face such issues after a heavy birthday party or random after party after a gig. Sounds a bit bizarre but you will be surprised the next time you notice this.

clogged toilet-16

Paper/Sanitary Clogs – One of the main reasons why toilets clog is due to flushing down paper or other sanitary objects that block the flow of the toilet causing it to over – flood.

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Excessive Rain – Sometimes when it rains too much, there’s no room for the water to flow as the sewer system is not properly tangled & if it floods outside then the toilet clogs, making the waste – water flow out.

clogged toilet-18

Unevenly placed toilets – You find many clogs in a toilet, that’s inadequately installed into a bathroom.

Some of these plumbing problems can be solved by using a plunger or a drain snake but if you have more severe issues don’t hesitate to call for a plumber service from Helpr.



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